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Straightpoint’s Wireless Centre of gravity system is the first of its kind and designed specifically for use in the lifting-rigging and transportation- logistics industries. Our wireless centre of gravity system uses telemetry compression load cells and a simple to use but powerful software package, to measure individual load cell loads in real-time and print / save a full centre of gravity analysis report. Utilising between 3- 8 wireless compressions load cells the individual load cell (X, Y) coordinates are entered in to the software. The Software displays each individual load, a total or summed load and provides the X, Y Centre of gravity coordinates. The system can weigh and calculate centre of gravity on objects and structures weighing anywhere from 20t - 4000t. Wireless Compression Loadcell features & benefits: Specifications: IP rating (SW-USBBSE) : IP65 Operating temperature:  -10c to 50c Licence:    Licence free Frequency:    2.4GHz Range:    Up to 250 metres Loadcell inputs:  Up to 8 PC requirements:  Intel i3 processor with 2 gb RAM. Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Must have English language regional settings selected
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