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Transport Line

It comprises a set of belt conveyors (some of them are "double direction" design) for the reliable and smooth transportation of the boxes.

Position Change

It is an hydraulic operated system of two belt conveyors, special connected to each other, which can function in two different modes, depending on the length of the box to be transported: "Short Length" Mode: the two belt conveyors are aligned, thus allowing the free passage of the box. "Long Length" Mode: the two belt conveyors form a right angle and rotate simultaneously, thus bringing box to an upstanding position.

Line Exchange

It is a special designed belt conveying system used for the transverse transportation of boxes between two lines, parallel to each other. Required vertical movements of the system are pneumatically operated.

Lifting & Rotating Table

This station is intended for the orientation change of the boxes. A belt conveyor is lifted through an hydraulically operated scissor mechanism and rotated by 180°. After feeding box to the next conveyor, the system returns to its initial position.

Lifting station

It is an electrically operated elevator for bringing boxes to an ergonomic position for assembly purposes. 


It includes all the necessary electrical equipment with PLC and ProfiBus configuration controlling the whole process.
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