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Straightpoint’s Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller (SW- MWLC) software packages are versatile, user friendly Digital load cell control, display and data logging tools designed for use on the Windows PC platforms Win, Win7, Vista and Win 8. SW-MWLC allows simultaneous, wireless communication between a Windows PC. A resizable window displays a table of up to 24 Wireless load Cell channels of live data. Channels can be setup with user defined algorithms that can be used to calculate a multitude of maths functions. For example, a display can show the value from a single load cell or the sum of multiple load cells. Visual display and audio alarms can indicate under and over range as well as loss in communications, low battery and error reports. SW-MWLC can log on demand, at pre-set intervals, on entering and leaving a pre-set overload and during an overload. It creates a CSV file which can be loaded for analysis into software programs such as Microsoft Excel. JSON format data is also available on demand via the built in web server. Key Features & Benefits: Displays and logs data from up to 24 Straightpoint wireless loadcells Mapping / graphical capabilities Webserver offers remote viewing on iPads/tablets/smart phones and also supplies JSON data on demand Logging at timed intervals, manual or on overload / underload Visual and audible alarms indicates overload, low battery & comms error Zoom in to channel to see data trends and history Export and log data in CSV format
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Specifications:   IP rating (SW-USBBSE): IP65 Operating temperature: -10c to 50c Licence: Licence free Frequency: 2.4GHz Range: 250 metres Loadcell inputs: Up to 24 PC requirements: Intel i3 processor with 2 gb RAM. Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8